Building a team with individual strengths

Know the strengths of your team members

Building a team with members of complimentary strengths

Are all your team member alike? Does this work for you?

Cover all bases in your small business for success

Each team member’s strength has an important role to play in your success



Just like a sports team a business team is made up of members with unique strengths. On a business team there are 4 primary strengths that make up a successful business team.  This is especially critical on small teams where there is no luxury of specialists. Therefore, when building a small team it is essential to have a group, with diversification that can cover all the strengths required for success.



Knowing and recognizing strengths is the key to building a team.  Putting team members in appropriate situations for success is vital for management.

Individual’s strengths are not always neatly delineated, as the organizational chart indicates, however most individuals show propensity for one of the primary categories.  Individuals may show minor strengths in other categories besides their major strength.  If both manager and the individual recognized these strengths, they will together be able to find satisfaction when assigning a position and tasks.  When these strengths are in balance this diversity will the result in mutual respect, harmony and a strong team.

Strengths arise out of experience and background, however by and large they are inherent in each person by birth.  Anyone may posses one or more strengths, but over time, given the opportunity, each person will gravitate to a single primary strength.  If and when this occurs, the individual will be at the happiest in his/her work and will be of most valuable to the team.



On the other hand if an individual is required to perform in an area that does not align with his/her strength, they will, over time, lose interest and energy leading to weakening the team.

Building the team and creating a culture where each individual is working in his area of interest is a complex, but worthwhile target to aim for.



The entrepreneur requires the vision of a top functioning team where each team member is working in their area of interest and strength.

The manager must take this vision and assign tasks and responsibilities along with systems, which permit each individual to reach their highest potential.

The problem solver, on the team, requires opportunities of challenge to solve detail problems within the team.  He must be given the time and equipment to help him reach detailed solutions for the benefit of the team.

The technician needs a clear regular direction so he can be continuously productive and can, within his comfort zone, accomplish a great deal of work to fulfill the requirements of the company


Look for a balance of the essential strengths.  Each team member is accountable for an essential aspect of the whole.  This uniqueness and specialty will create an interdependence and harmony on the team.  When all the strengths are matched to the requirements of a company it will be the formula for success.


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