Too many hours at work

Frustrations & conflicts

Employee and team issues

Inadequate revenue

These are the characteristics of a struggling business.


Business Matter offers the antidote for all struggling small businessmen.  It is the best mentoring/coaching program to mitigate this dilemma. Planning, vision, efficiency and systems are the hallmarks of the program. And, most of all, increased profits will pay for the program within the first year.


Who are you?

My name is Norbert Lemermeyer growing small businesses one at a time.

What is your super power?

Arming small businessmen with tools and vision to allow them to realize the dreams that they had when they went into business.

What do you stand against?

Against small businessmen struggling & working too hard for years without the tool & tactics to be rewarded for their efforts.

What is your mission?

To get all small businessmen to acknowledge their weakness and commit to do whatever it takes to grow themselves and prosper.

What are the magic tools and/or tricks?

Annual planning, developing systems, efficiencies in production, frustrations mitigation, organization chart, position descriptions, agreement writing and more.

Common sayings?

You are working to hard.  Develop a team you can trust.  Train your team to do the work. Take more time off to re-energize.  Have a plan before you begin anything. Have fun in the business or you’ll some come to dislike it. Track your successes and celebrate. Track your failures and learn from them. Educate your clients.

What are your weaknesses?

At my don’t have any to acknowledge.

What interesting places have you been?

Mexico, Thailand, Phillipines, Newfoundland, Italy and many unique cities especially Venice, Florence, New York & Berlin.


What is the back story that illustrates your values and strengths.

The Brothers Batty story or the Cynthia Dovell story.

 What are some interesting facts about you that you want people to know?

Baritone singer in a men’s choir, have raised 3 kids and have 4 grandchildren, woodworking is my relaxation, read over 50 books per annum, played team sports for over 10 years, have been involved in 10 different businesses over the past 40 years, 35 years as a practicing architect, completed over 600 projects, co-authored book – THE EMYTH ARCHITECT – Why Mmost Architectural Practices Don’t Work & What to Do About It


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