95% of businesses in North America are started by technicians, craftsmen or artisans: those who practice a skill and get paid for it. You went to school and dedicated yourself to learning and perfecting a skill, but you most likely didn’t learn the business skills and disciplines necessary to design and develop a successful business practice.

As technicians we learn to think creatively, find solutions to problems and provide valuable service. We turn our insight, intuition, and vision into valuable assets for our clients. This program will teach you to do the same thing with your business – turn your technical skills into a successful business practice.


A similar combination of art and science that provides the basis for your technical discipline must be learned to run a successful business; business itself is a combination of art and science, intuition and rationality, gut instinct and quantification. Balancing both disciplines while developing your practice through a proven roadmap will put you on the path to realizing its full potential.

At the core of our business program are the six centers of attention. These are the dynamic aspects of your business that are meant to work holistically together to deliver the results you desire. Our program places you as the business owner, and your life at the nucleus of the six centers.

The first three centers are strategic: leadership, finance and management. These are more inward facing and form the basis for your company, culture and connection to your customers.

The other three centers are tactical and consist of marketing, business development and client fulfillment. These centers are primarily concerned with attracting prospective customers, converting them into clients, and delivering it to them in a way that creates satisfaction.


John Maxwell, the well-known leadership writer and trainer has a maxim, “Everything rises and falls on leadership.” We know this to be true. Your business is a reflection of your leadership. Becoming a better leader and equipping yourself properly creates the foundation for a great business. First, you define your vision and the values you want to see represented in your practice; then you develop a dashboard or tracking system so that you can plan and measure your progress. You will also, in this center, work on your brand identity to better set the foundation for marketing.

Coaching provides fundamental feedback so that you can identify your blind spots and growth edges as a leader and seek to develop yourself beyond them. Understanding any dysfunctions showing up in the business is equally as critical and your coach will help you identify and eliminate them.

As the leader of your practice, you are responsible for providing the guiding principles and creating the strategies that will take you to success. Unless you intentionally inhabit this leadership role, your business will never have the direction you desire or obtain the results you dream about.


While it’s true that everything rises with leadership, we could also say that it continues to rise with good management practices, falling apart when the proper management discipline is lacking. Much of your focus in the program will be around you becoming a great manager, as well as learning to identify, train and mentor others who take on the management function.

The management center has the following aspects: 1) structure 2) engagement and development 3) systemization, and 4) evaluation and growth. Each individual aspect will help you create a foundational management center, but collectively they create a synergy that supports the integration of your company culture, your structure and systems and your most valuable asset: your people or employees.

Structure consists of creating an organizational chart with an accompanying strategy, having clear position agreements so that your people know what is expected of them and how you will measure their results as well as formalizing working relationships.

Engagement and development is the heart of management as you learn how to motivate and coach, mentor and manage your people, giving them the support they need to perform at their best. You will discover how higher levels of engagement drive higher levels of performance.

Systemization is creating the systems, processes and checklists that will keep your business humming and delivering a consistent customer experience. Systems orchestrate all aspects of the business, turning frustrations into solutions and chaos into an orderly enterprise. Finally, evaluation and growth sets the foundation for continuous improvement, which is truly the heart of developing your practice.


The next center of attention that you will want to focus on is finance. Learning the various aspects of money management, knowing the different functions and roles involved, as well as implementing basic financial reporting and controls will ensure that you have a clear picture of your results and can plan your progress towards your goals.

You will learn to properly read and interpret your financial reports as well as make certain you are feeding in the right information. You will come to understand the importance of budgeting and having a cash plan. You will also learn about the various financial functions and roles in any business, so that you are certain that you are articulating the critical ones for your firm, and not missing anything in this critical center.

Unless you have a Chief Financial Officer, you are it; and you will come to see that intentionally inhabiting this role will ensure that you have the proper financial controls and proactive planning elements that will keep this center humming.


Without clients, you don’t have much of a business. Marketing is, to a degree, both strategic and tactical. You will learn to identity your best possible clients, understand who they are and what they want and why they make the choices they do, as well as better brand yourself by thinking through your unique value proposition as well as other nuances that identify and create differentiation.

After setting the foundation, you will explore and choose specific ways (channels) to reach your prospective customers and you will create a marketing plan that will serve you throughout the year. Having a clear marketing plan and committing to it will ensure that you don’t succumb to the typical mistakes that lead to the usual feast or famine mentality in many practices.


For this center, both business development and sales come into play. Ultimately business development refers to sales or lead conversion, identifying a clear path to convert a prospective customer into a client. But most businesspeople don’t consider themselves salespeople. For this reason, many professional and consulting firms consider this activity as business development since it’s all about developing new business through building relationships.

However you conceptualize this center, both the lesson content and your mentor will help you work out an orchestrated path to convert prospects into customers, maintain relationships with prospects in your network and in turn build long term relationships with the right clients. We will also help you grow your business through referrals and amplifying your client relationships in every way imaginable.


This center is where you actually deliver to your clients. Rather than call it delivery, we prefer client fulfillment or client satisfaction, because everything you do here should be designed not just to deliver, but to serve and satisfy your clients. This center is where consistent quality delivered through proven processes will make all the difference in maintaining relationships and having existing clients spread the word about you since you’re so awesome to work with and always seek to satisfy.

You will engage in some general lessons in this center that will support you in delivering a quality product as well as having access to some specific systems and processes which have been proven over time to make you and your team more productive, deliver higher quality and satisfy your clients in an unparalleled fashion. Then you will learn the importance of going above and beyond by delivering a wow experience that your clients love and will drive referral business, and how to get feedback so you can continue to give the best possible service.


Approaching your business through these centers provides structure and focus for your efforts to work on your business and not in it. But these centers are quite obviously all connected. They need to holistically work together just like the systems in the human body, work together to keep it functioning properly.

Though there will be times when we seek to isolate a problem or challenge to a specific center in order to solve it, your mentor will always help you to see how the parts are connected systemically as a whole. Understanding and learning to lead and develop your business through this holistic process is the key to having a business that works; one that gives more life, more joy and more sustainable results.


The complete program contains 21 lessons broken down into Introduction + 6 modules. Content is the same in all Options. All fees are in Canadian dollars.

Sign up for the whole program over 52 week period

$11,000 CAD

Choose to complete one module at a time over a 2 month period completing the program on your schedule. The foundation must be taken first after which the remaining 6 modules may be taken in any order.

$13,400 CAD

Choose 1 lesson at a time $650 after taking intro module $2,000

$14,350 CAD



Eligible employers can get government funding to help employees access training opportunities.

The Canada-Alberta Job Grant is a training program where an employer applies on behalf of their employee(s) for eligible training costs. Employers decide who gets training and what type of training may be needed for their employees. The Business Matter Program is eligible for the Canada-Alberta Job Grant. Find out how the Canada-Alberta Job Grant can help you get your management and employees invaluable training with our program.

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The Business Matter Program can be funded by multiple financial institutions such as TD Bank, ATB, CIBC, CW Bank, Service Credit Union and RBC. Banks to provide loans for this program over a 5-year repayment program. The Business Matter is program designed especially for small businesses who are looking to enhance their manager’s and employee’s business skills and get going onto path of success. Check with your financial institution to see how you can benefit from financing for The Business Matter Program.

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1 | Intro to program, Mindset, Owner, Leader, Manager & Tech

1 | How the Program works and it’s holistic path to developing employee skills
How the four business personalities affect employee’s performance to strengthen the business practice.
Understand how coaching supports the program

2 | Time Management & Strategic Thinking

2 | Improve self-organization and time management to improve your employee’s effectiveness
Develop a basic understanding of strategy & tactics
Understand the 6 centers of management and how holistically they work together

2a | Self Organization and Self Management

2a | Specific steps so that organization & self management systems support employees working in your business
Set a path of continual improvement for employees in this area


3 | Business Vision

3 | Understand the value of employees knowing the business vision
How the vision guides employees

3a | A 3 Year Plan and Organization Strategy

3a | Translate your 3 year vision into an executable 3-year plan
Create an organizational strategy
Define an organizational strategy through an Organizational Chart

4 | Guiding Principles

4 | Identify the guiding principles of a business
Learn to use your guiding principles to become a better manager & employee

5 | Strategic Progress Indicators

5 | Identify tangible key strategic progress indicators
Identify intangible progress indicators
Learn how use metrics to create a progress plan

FINANCE | $1200

6 | Financial Reports & Your Roles

6 | Understand the various roles in financial management
Create, read and interpret an Income Statement
The Balance Sheet and what it tells about the health of a business

7 | Operating Budget & Cash Plan

7 | Learn how to develop an annual budget and cash plan
A guide through the ups & downs of income and expenses


8 | Systems Strategy & Design

8 | How to develop, design & document systems
Create a systems strategy for the systematization of your business

9 | People & Engagement

9 | The importance of employee engagement
An environment of engaged people

10 | Evaluation & Improvement

10 | The importance of system evaluation
Create an environment of system improvement


11 | Company Identity

11 | Identify key differentiators for a business
Describe a value proposition, tagline & brand promise
The critical importance of of “being perceived as different”

12 | Company Signals

12 | The value of aligning brand intentions with its signals
Identify & design brand signals that emphasize a unique identity

13 | Your Ideal Client

13 | Identify an ideal client so marketing can be focused on them
Identify additional market segments
Understand offerings & and market potential for each

14 | Emotional Connection to Clients

14 | Understand the emotional connection that is necessary to develop client relationships
Through research & observation create a customer persona that can direct messaging

15 | Your Marketing Strategy

15 | Create a marketing strategy by choosing the right channels
Align message to the appropriate channels


16 | Relationship selling

16 | The importance of relationship selling
Create a road map for a business development process

17 | Relationship renewal

17 | Create a follow-up system to turn customers into ongoing clients & referrals
Understand relationship building & what is being sold


18 | Primary innovation

18 | Identify primary innovation that will help differentiate the company
Create an ongoing process for innovation

19 | Satisfaction System

19 | The importance of having a quality system
Develop a quality system
The difference between quality & client satisfaction

20 | The Wow System

20 | Why wowing clients is the key to referrals
Develop a WOW system


21 | Continual Improvement System

21 | Understand the value of learning culture or culture of continuous improvement
Set systems up for long term success through ongoing development


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